About Us

IZOFY is the world’s FIRST Astrology Marketplace connecting Astrologers, Numerologists, Palmists, Tarot Card Readers, Vaastu Consultants, Psychics and Healers around the World with the $20bn global occult market. 

Founded by Mr iZO, iZofy.com began operations in December 2014. Mr iZO a famous astrologer and numerologist himself with a global client base and an experience of 15 years, left his flourishing 10 year banking career to start this venture founded by 2 other co-founders having software and analytics experience in software giants like IBM and Facebook. He is also the youngest numerologist to author a book, ‘Mr iZO Sayz’.

The occult industry has a potential in billion but one of the biggest hurdles faced by experts in harnessing this potential is the technological barrier. Due to not being tech savvy they are not able to promote their brand on a global scale and therefore lose out an enormous amount of business. iZofy aims to help them overcome this very obstacle by exhibiting their services through online marketing media and offer them to users irrespective of their geographical boundaries.

The biggest problem faced by users while looking for these services is locating a credible and authentic expert that can solve their problems within their budget. iZofy is making their selection an easier and hassle free process with first of its kind Expert rating mechanism for this industry. The users can either choose their desired product or service from the listed experts or post their problem in our ‘Post your Problem’ section and allow the experts to bid to offer a solution within their budget.

Apart from this iZofy is also giving a wide range of free services that include a detailed Numerology report, a complete Zodiac forecast, Name Number, Car Number and innumerable Interesting articles on occult subjects such as Zodiac Signs, Tarot, Numerology etc. they are keen to read about.

One of the most Unique and exclusive feature of iZofy is its matchmaking tool ‘iZO Match Maker’. It suggests if a couple will make a good pair or not by breaking the suggestions into parameters like Finance, Love, Ego, Physical Compatibility etc. This tool uses Western Zodiac, Indian Vedic Astrology and the Numerology system to calculate its suggestions and is expected to reduce the problems faced by millions while they are trying to choose their life partner.

iZofy has been designed with a vision to tap into the billion dollar occult industry and a mission to solve the problems faced by millions of experts and users searching for the ideal solution.