Miss Trisandhya Rajasusheela

Miss Trisandhya  Rajasusheela
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Expertise : Numerology, Healing
Languages Spoken: English, Hindi
From: Hyderabad

Experience: 20 Years

About the Expert :

Miss Trisandhya Rajasusheela is one of the leading numerologist in India .She is a numerologist, Gemologist, Fengshui expert, Chakra healer and Pendulum dowser hailing from Hyderabad, practicing since 20 years. She has done her masters in law and is a gold medalist.

Right from her childhood days she had a keen interest in astrology which has been her family tradition, but as days passed other occult subjects such as numerology, gemstones, fengshui and chakra healing also fascinated her. She began to see solutions to the problems faced by mankind in their day-to-day lives. She then took up this profession and has gained a vast experience in the art of interpreting name numbers and helping people to become more successful in business, career, health and personal lives.

Harmonizing the relationships between name number and birth number is her specialty. She can also interpret in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages.

As her research into the subjects made headway the subjects became comprehensible to her. Her in depth knowledge has helped her solve the problems of innumerable people across the world.

She has authored several books in which she successfully encapsulated the wide subjects of numerology, gemstones, business and numerology ,numerology of women, the power of rudrakshas published by leading publications. Her articles are regularly published in leading English newspapers and Astrological magazines.

She has successfully carried out chakra healing for ailing persons in restoring health and happiness. She has liberated problems caused by several cosmic energy imbalances thru medical numerology.

She uses numerological horoscopes as a unique diagram of relative positions of cosmic energy thru an individual’s date of birth which is an outcome of her vast experience in the field of medical numerology.

Blocked or depleted chakras are scanned by the photograph of the individual and smart solutions to their day to day problems and healing are given through color infusions of crystals and gems.

Hel field of expertise includes:

• Numerology----name correction for all problems, luck enhancement.

• New born baby names

• Names for business and Establishments

• 100% Perfect marriage match making

• Medical numerology for health problems

• Chakra healing

• Pendulum dowsing

• Feng-shui application to correct Vaastu defects

• Gems, crystals and Rudraksha suggestion

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