Full Name Numerology Report By Rassuul N Khan

Full Name Numerology Report By Rassuul N Khan
By Rassuul N Khan
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About the product :

Coming to (“Occult Science of Numerology”)of Numerology, numbers represent planets with their powers and influences. When a number corresponding to a name is found out, you can know what planet it represents. It has been found out that if these name number matches with the birth number and the destiny number of the person it results in the name mantra-yantra matching leading to harmony, health, peace and prosperity. This number then is the lucky name number of the person. According to the Chaldean system name number is most important. That is the number which ultimately rules your nature and fortune. Birth number and destiny number come only after that.
Name number is very important because it modifies both your nature and destiny. Only persons with suitable and lucky names are very successful and shine in life. As per (“Occult Science of Numerology”)of Numerology, changing of name or name spelling from an unlucky name number to a lucky name number it gives the results in change in nature and fortune of the person for the better.

If you change your name or name number to the suggested name number officially and practice it, your are bound to gain health, comfort, happiness, success and good fortune in life. This is because you are known by your name, you are called by your name and your name is your mantra. Once this mantra is in harmony with your personality denoted by your birth and destiny numbers, your life will blossom out as one that gives you good fortune, success, happiness, comfort and health. The word health is specifically mentioned because a wrong mantra or a wrong name can wreck your good health while a correct mantra or a correct name can cure your disease and enhance your good health. So beware of Numerology novices and quacks who are most likely to give you wrong names.

Many misfortunes, diseases and allergies are caused by name number-birth number mismatch. These can be cured and set right with the help of Numerology.

According to “Occult Science of Numerology”of Numerology, Name plays an important role in the life of a person. You must know that a name is like a Mantra and it throws up certain vibrations depending on its numerical value. Depending on how a person is called by others, names develop vibrations corresponding to their numerical values since all values are the representatives of planets. In the above backdrop, how a name is spelled and pronounced carries better significance than how a name is written at any point of time. The logic lies in the theory that only sounds carry vibrations.

For example, think of our ancient Vedas. They were never written but always recited. It is a different matter that they were translated into English and other languages in modern times and are now available in printed form. Even if the Vedas are available in print form, no one is making use of them since people do not know how to recite them.

Your Name Vibration is only the best Mantra:

Recitation produces vibrations and rhythmic recitation is more powerful in terms of vibrations. This means that your name is as good as a Mantra and as more and more people call you with a name, certain kind of vibrations would be forming around you.

If your name produces powerful and strong numerical values having compatibility with your birth date, it would lead to a powerful and strong internal vibration or else it may lead to the destruction of external relations as a cascading effect. This would obviously lead to unexpected disasters at times. But, this is not something that cannot be avoided. Advanced numerology helps in avoiding such disasters to the maximum extent possible.

A powerful internal vibration between your name and DOB would ultimately act as a balancing and coordinating factor among your mind, thoughts and ideas and of course your actions. This can be achieved through advanced or zodiac numerology by changing your name to be in tune with your date of birth and also with your profession.

Internal Relationship (between you and your name):

"Occult Science of Numerology”of Numerology insists on a harmonious relationship between the name and birth date of a person, known as the internal relationship, to avoid inner contradictions and ensure smooth success and lead a happy life on this planet. It also specifies how to maintain cordial relations with each and everybody and how to avoid quarrels and anxieties and lead a peaceful life.

Harmony between name and date of birth of a person develops through vibrations of numerical values representing the two factors. When there is no vibration and harmony between the two, conflicting interests would crop up disturbing peace and tranquility in one’s life.

People may entertain doubts in their minds as to which name is to be considered for numerical purpose when a person has several names. It must be noted that whatever is the number of names one may possess, the most used name should be considered for the purpose of general numerological study. The reason is that only pronunciations would carry the power of vibrations and not the written name. What is important is that how the name of a person or thing is called or pronounced.

According to “Occult Science of Numerology” of Numerology, a person may have different names at different places. For example, take the name of Indira Gandhi. She could have been called Indira by family members at home or Gandhi by colleagues at work place. Naturally, you would be a confused lot as to which one is to be considered for the purpose of calculation.

The answer is very simple. If you study the name in relation to a family issue, consider the name called at home and if you study the name in relation to an issue concerning work place, consider the name called at work place. This means that you have to take into consideration the name that is used in relation to a particular aspect which is to be studied.

Thus, irrespective of one’s birth name or name mentioned in the school records or in any other official record, only the used name in relation to a particular issue should be considered for the purpose of calculation. To get accurate results, this method must be followed.

Your Personal Name is very important in your life. If the Personal Name is Lucky as per Numerology you will get good Financial growth in life, Popularity, and Health. If the Name is unlucky, then Life will be miserable. So, People are altering their Personal Names as per “Occult Science of Numerology”of Numerology to get out of miserable.Some People they doesn’t know their date of birth, hence the Numerological Number Influence is find out through some Important events date, family members name etc. So, anybody can alter their Personal Name in their Life. There is no Age Limitation. Even your date of birth numbers is so weak, but by the Lucky Name you can enjoy a Successful Life.

What is use of Personal Name Alteration?


1. Get success in all the undertakings
2. Get fame
3. Work will be appreciated by others
4. Get more financial income and become rich, will have luxury bungalow, costly car, lot of lands, gold, very big bank balance, beautiful wife, good children and get everything in this world to enjoy the life.
5. Get very good educational qualification and reach the top ranking position in government.
6. Run a very big Industry, with unlimited Income.
7. Become a leader of the nation by political involvement and get leadership qualities.


The following details are required for Personal Name Alteration:

1. Present Name as per Government Record
2. Date of Birth as per Horoscope (actual birth date)
3. Birth Time
4. Birth Place
5. Sex (Male / Female)
6. Birth Star (as per HINDU Astrology)
7. Father’s Name with Initial
8. Mother’s Name with Initial
9. Wedding Date (if married)


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